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BIOGEMA offers specially adapted engineering fighting forest fires, including assistance for the  design and construction, activation and maintenance of fixed or mobile firefighting bases.

BIOGEMA offers turnkey solutions responding to specific needs: emergency response in isolated environments, resupply firefighting materials and bases maintenance.

Equipments, technical support and services

Schéma 3D - tation fixe de CARCASSONNE Schéma 3D - Station fixe de HYERES Chargement d’un Tracker en retardant Vanne mélangeuse Station Mobile Retardant utilisée par les pompiers des Bouches du Rhône

Firefighting stations commonly named "Retardant stations":

They are generally installed in an airport, near taxiways for quick and efficient aerial resupply operations. The product is stored in tanks and on site. 


Mobile Retardant Base:

They are generally built on trailers hitches adapted for remote operations. The ensemble (water tank, liquid concentrate and pumps) facilitates rapid deployment to the fire site. Such mobile bases can also be deployed on the taxiway sides or as main or secondary installations where back-up is a necessary consideration.


 Field units:

Self-supporting units easily deployed to remote areas.


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Depending on circumstances and customer demand, BIOGEMA may assume the maintainance of the retardant bases.