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Forest firefighting

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Wildfire Fighting solutions

Our company offers outstanding know-how for wildfire fighting and forests protection.


BIOGEMA manufactures and delivers high quality & recognized products intended for aerial and ground firefighting applications as well as services, taking the outmost care to ensure quality and outstanding relationships with fire fighting bodies.


A range of retardant and foaming agents widely used by the key players in the field of wildfire fight, enables BIOGEMA to rank as the preferred partner against wild fire, everywhere in Europe and especially in the areas the most exposed to fires hazard in the Mediterranean basin.


A nearly 30 years' experience also enables to appear as a strength of technical offer and operational solutions' development.

So not only the quality of both retardants and foams, but also the most suitable equipments - mobile or fixed retardant bases - can be provided to you quickly. From actual solutions or by developing new technical and logistics solutions, closely adapted to different types of environment and places' constraints, BIOGEMA will satisfy your highest demands.